Disposable Medical Mask – ASTM Level 2 (50 pcs)


Each box holds 50 masks

Sold in cases of 3


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Product Overview

This mask offers three layers of protection with a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of greater than 99%. Manufactured to standards with Non-woven and Melt-blown fabric for effectiveness. It offers a good level of safety as well as a great fit with breathable comfort.


Meant to help block large-particle droplets that may contain germs, viruses, and bacteria to keep it from reaching the mouth and nose. The mask may also help reduce exposure of the wearer’s saliva and respiratory secretions to others. Can be used in any setting for first level protection.

What makes this mask better?

The outer layer of the Eco 3 Layer Face Mask is made of a fabric that repels some droplets coming in from outside providing an elevated level of protection. The inside layer is constructed to repel moisture from the inside allowing more comfort and breathability for the wearer and eliminating a wet mask that gets stuck to the face. The overall feel of this mask is dry, soft, and comfortable while staying safe.