Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Product Overview

A nicely designed high quality no-touch automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with a generous 1 Litre tank capacity. This smart product makes hand sanitizing pleasant and seamless and will greet your customers with the best possible experience. The removable tank makes refilling the Dispenser easy. The Dispenser can be wall-mounted or attached to the Floor Stand. The Dispenser operates with 4 C Alkaline batteries that will provide 50,000 uses.


Any retail, or business setting where people require hand sanitization upon entry or at key touch points throughout.

For businesses that care about the clients first contact experience and who desire a product that looks good in their store or business premises. And that dispenses a quality hand sanitizer consistently and reliably.

To help keep employees safe by eliminating another potential source of recontamination. Touchless dispensers show staff that their health and safety is important too.


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